About Lynette Cartwright

Hi, my name is Lynette. In 2008, I was one of the plaintiffs in a personal injury case that resulted in a large settlement. I was overwhelmed by the prospect of managing such a large amount of money. In fact, I was so concerned that I would mismanage the funds, I turned to my personal injury attorney for guidance.

She informed that my concern was a common one among people who had won large settlements and that there was a remedy. She suggested that I consider a structured settlement. She was sure that the defendant would agree to it. At that point, everything I knew about structured settlements came from cheesy late night commercials. Fortunately, my attorney was very good at explaining what it was and how it would be beneficial to me.

Unfortunately, everyone who wins a claim will not get the same guidance that I received from my attorney. After watching a friend practically blow through a settlement that he received in a relatively short period of time, I decided to create this site. My goal is to provide as much information about structured settlements as possible so that people can make educated decisions about their settlement funds.