3 Factors That Might Cause Motorcycle Accidents

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When most people think about motorcycle accidents, they might automatically assume that the motocyclist or another driver was at fault for the accident. While that is the case in the vast majority of accidents, there are also other causes of motorcycle accidents. Some of those causes might mean that an injured motorcyclist can opt to seek compensation from a third-party entity, which means seeking compensation from someone other than the other driver. 

Wheel wobble

If a high-speed wobble is the cause of a motorcycle accident, the manufacturer of the motorcycle might be held liable for the accident, according to FindLaw. A wobble accident occurs when the front end of the motorcycle begins to wobble at higher speeds. This makes the motorcycle unstable, which can lead to an accident. A misalignment of the wheels is one condition that might lead to wobble accidents.

Design and defects

There are some instances in which the design of the motorcycle or defects that occur during the manufacturing process can lead to accidents. When that occurs, injured motorcyclists can file a product liability lawsuit against the company that designed the motorcycle, the company that manufactured the motorcycle, or both. This type of claim entails proving that the company or companies responsible should have foreseen that the issue would cause an accident.

Hazardous conditions

Because motorcycles only have two wheels, they can become unstable when maneuvering over obstacles that wouldn’t affect four-wheel vehicles. A small patch of gravel, an oil slick, and uneven pavement are examples of hazardous conditions that might lead to a motorcycle accident. When these accidents occur, the injured motorcyclist might choose to seek compensation through a premises liability lawsuit. In that case, the owner of the roadway would be the person who would be considered the defendant in the case. When the road is owned by a government entity, a notice of claim or notice of tort is required prior to moving forward with the case.

As you can see, gathering evidence and concisely stating your claim are vital in motorcycle accident cases. This might mean that you need to get experts to testify or that you have to go through a lengthy process of proving your side. Because motorcycle injury cases can be complex, obtaining the help of an experienced attorney (from George T. Bochanis Law Offices or another firm) who has experts available is vital. An experienced attorney can also help you to learn about the claim process and interpret applicable laws.

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