3 Reasons To Hire A Criminal Attorney

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There are some situations that you simply can’t get out of with words. Perhaps you missed a court date, ran a red light or got into a fight that turned in a fist brawl and were charged with a crime. Regardless of what your criminal charges may be, you will need legal expertise to help you during this difficult time. By knowing the reasons to hire this specialized attorney and ways this person can assist you, you might be motivated schedule an appointment.

The Lawyer Will Listen To Your Case

The role of any attorney is to listen to you and advise you legally on what to do. This will happen on your first consultation in many cases, but be prepared to answer the questions listed below:

1. What was the date of the crime?

2. What crime were you charge with committing?

3. Where did the conviction take place?

4. Were drugs involved in any way and did you attempt to sell drugs?

5. Were there any other people around when you were charged with this crime?

6.  Do you feel these charges shouldn’t have been filed?

The more details you can provide to the criminal attorney, the better legal advice you will receive.

Complete Legal Filings

A response must be provided to the court regarding your conviction, and the lawyer can do this for you. The complexity of the law makes it imperative to rely on a professional in this field who legally knows what to do and will complete the necessary paperwork on your behalf.

Listed below are some legalities the attorney can attend to for you.

1. The lawyer can meet with the judge and file a motion of not guilty for the client.

2. Ask for a mistrial if a verdict that is reached is not agreeable by the client.

3. In some cases, the lawyer can appeal a verdict that is set by the courts.

Decrease Your Penalties

It is possible a criminal attorney can decrease the charges that were made against you. This could result in lower fees that may be payable to the plaintiff or court, or reduced jail time.

For example, if you were convicted of driving under the influence, this often carries strict penalties that must be carried out by the driver. The attorney you select can work on your behalf to decrease these.

Finally, your best defense in an unfortunate situation of being convicted of a crime is to hire a criminal attorney. This will allow you the opportunity to gain the legal expertise you need at this time.

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