3 New Roles For Oil And Gas Lawyers To Capitalize On

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In the energy exploration era, oil and gas lawyers have the capacity to enhance their value and earning potential in the industry by capitalizing on new roles and trends that are transforming the field. From ownership initiatives to alternative energy sources, these attorneys are helping usher many companies into the 21st century. Whether you are a seasoned lawyer in the field or are just beginning your career as an oil and gas attorney, there are several opportunities for you to help improve your career. Learn about just 3 of the trends below that are certain to boost your practice.


In the past, energy trading companies sought to be as light as possible in terms of owning physical assets in the energy exploration and marketing realm. However, now more outfits are seeking to take equity stakes in every stage of the energy process, from drilling all the way to transporting. In addition, many companies are relying heavily on oil and gas attorneys to facilitate investment from capital markets, including banks, investment groups, and private equity firms. 

Alternative Extraction Methods

Oil and gas attorneys, like at Roberts Miceli Boileau & Doutt LLP, are helping companies to leverage resources and assets in alternative oil and gas extraction methods. For instance, many attorneys are helping companies navigate both the financial component of exploration initiatives, as well as the sensitive environmental codes and regulations surrounding the extraction process. Known as “fracking,” this extraction process entails pumping chemicals, sand, and water into shale rock formations where harness-able gas exists. There is slight concern that this process may contaminate local drinking water sources and the natural habitat. This is an example where attorneys might coordinate with environmental and local authorities to ensure all proper environmental and safety codes and regulations are observed, in order to ensure a seamless and safe exploration process. Moreover, the investors see tremendous potential in this exploration method for producing lower cost and more efficient fuels sources. 

Portfolio Diversification

Energy companies are working with oil and gas attorneys to help them capitalize on alternative fuel sources as well. Attorneys are helping to raise money and facilitate acquisitions that provide energy companies with assets in coal, metals, uranium, solar, and wind power, among other raw materials and energy sources. Along these lines, they are helping companies craft public relations and educational efforts that raise awareness to the importance of green efforts and conservation. The companies seek to enhance their profitability, while remaining sensitive to the social landscape around energy and environmental preservation.    

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