How to Choose a Divorce Lawyer

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If you have been served with divorce papers, you will need to choose a lawyer to represent you in the courtroom. This may be the first time you ever had to hire a lawyer, and you may have no idea what to look for. If you unfortunately need to go through the divorce process, you will need some tips in hiring the right divorce lawyer. Here are some points to consider.

Interviewing Process

You will want to find and interview a few lawyers before jumping into a contract or agreement to hire. It is never a good idea to hire a lawyer without meeting them ahead of time. Call at least three law firms such as Bergermann Law Firm that offer free consultations and make appointments to interview. Make sure to ask questions that are pertinent to your specific case. If you get the wrong vibe right away, then scratch this lawyer off of your list.

Some things you need to ask include:

  • The lawyers hourly rate
  • What the lawyer’s experience includes
  • What is the lawyer’s success rate in divorce cases
  • What resources does the lawyer have available to help your case

Money Screening

You will want to hire someone who is looking out for your best interest, not someone who is more interested in seeing how much money they can charge you. If the lawyer asks you a ton of questions and seems genuinely interested in your case, it is a good indication that they may be a decent lawyer. If they start bringing up a lot of scenarios with extra fees that would be needed, they may be in it for the money. 

Some Red Flags

If the prospective lawyer divulges any information using names of people they have represented before, that is an sign that they cannot commit to confidentiality. If they seem distracted during the interview, such as looking at paperwork or a cell phone, they will not be right for your case. They may do the same at court. You want someone who gives full attention to what you are saying. 

Making A Decision

Do not sign anything right away; wait to agree to hire the lawyer. You can get caught up in the moment and not think clearly. At least take a day to think about what you have learned during the interview. If you feel positive about what you have discussed, then after a few days give a call back to discuss retaining the lawyer. 

You will want to find someone who communicates with you while giving you the sense that they will handle your case professionally and with your best interest in mind. It is tough to find a lawyer when you are not sure about their ethics in advance. Interviewing and asking about their track record will give you a better sense of how you feel about their representation. 

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