Determining Child Placement And Custody In Extraordinary Circumstances

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Most parents will have an unpleasant battle in court over who gets placement and custody, but sometimes special circumstances make the decision easier or more difficult for the judge. These situations are extreme and out of the norm, and ones which no parent thinks he or she will ever face. However, as the following article illustrates, these circumstances still require a family law attorney and a ruling which places the child(ren) in the best possible home once the situation is sorted out.

Determining Placement and Custody When One Parent Has Kidnapped the Children

Most people would not think that taking their children and running across country is kidnapping, but most family courts do think just that. It does not bode well for the parent that has taken the children because he or she will lose virtually all of his or her parental rights if and when caught. Usually the parent who is still in the city the children previously resided in will get custody and placement. The only exceptions to this rule involve a criminal parent or jailed parent who is restrained and detained from following after the kidnapping parent. If you think you can run far and fast from your ex to keep your children to yourself, you should reconsider this impulsive decision.

Placement and Custody Issues Surrounding Chronically Ill or Comatose Children

This is a particularly sensitive issue because the courts could award fifty-fifty custody and placement, even if the children are in the hospital full-time. Treatment records and support for these children play a large part in deciding which parent can best support the child if he or she were healthy, conscious, or living at home. Unless an investigation has been launched into how or why a child has ended up in the hospital and in a coma, both parents are fit for the job under family court law. (If a child’s coma is the result of parent negligence or endangerment, it puts that parent’s rights at risk for placement and custody denial).

Sticky Family Situations Are Family Law Attorney’s Specialty

With these particular issues, as well as a few not mentioned here (e.g., drug addict parents), a family law attorney like LaCroix & Hand PC is necessary for the safety and well-being of the children. Parents struggle with the emotionality of these situations, but the family lawyer is a detached third party who works for the best interests of the kids. If you are in any of these extraordinary circumstances, a family lawyer can help.

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